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Casey OMalley - The Right Direction

Our History:

When we started in the home inspection business over 27 years ago there were really no "huge" national associations, there were no schools and the world did not really even understand what a home inspector did or how they might benefit from using us.

Going out to talk at Real Estate offices with the agents was difficult and they would look at us like we were crazy and tell us to go away. (some still do)

When we started we estimated that the percentage of houses inspected to the number of houses sold was about 1-2%. A very small penetration into the market compared to today.

There were no broad disclosure laws, home inspector license laws or well known national standards to follow.

In our area there were 6 inspection companies listed in the phone book the year we started our business. To gain some knowledge Kevin actually flew to England and met with several Royal Chartered Surveyors (British home inspectors) to learn more about the work we wanted to do.

Professional liability (E&O) insurance was not available for our business and the work we wanted to do. We had to self-insure, that was a very scary outlook.

For us to create a real profession we needed credibility. There were two small associations at the time, one on the west coast with a statewide vision, CREIA and the other on the east coast with a national vision, ASHI. We joined both to gain all the knowledge and information we could. There were no other available organizations for us.

Since this was the lifelong career path we had chosen we put as much effort and time into creating standards, education and credibility for ourselves and our profession as we could. We educated everyone we met about home inspections.

We worked hard to share with our fellow inspectors in every forum we could find. We helped start inspector meetings in our area and numerous other areas of our state. It was clear there needed to be training resources across the nation so in 1987 we started the first licensed home inspection schools in the United States and Canada.

We grew those schools to be the largest and best inspection training resource available. Around the year 2000 we were invited by the government of Japan to assist them in creating the home inspection profession in their country, a very big honor.

In 2003 we sold our schools to a division of the Washington Post, Kaplan Education Inc.

In 2007 we started Casey, O'Malley Associates.

In 2009 we partnered with ASHI to create The ASHI School. In 2011 ASHI purchased our share of that successful business from us.

In our career we have worked with almost every home inspection related entity and plan on continuing to serve the profession, and most of all, our customer/students.

So, our "credentials" are only telling what we did for the home inspection profession, not who's team we are on or side we pick.

We have created more successful home inspectors and opened more
inspection schools than anyone. Ever. We are proud of that.

Anyone with any knowledge or sense of history about our profession
know who we are and what we accomplished. Our students know for sure!

We are here to help individuals, companies and organizations create success in the inspection profession.

Kevin O'Malley & Michael Casey